Ripstick Terminology
The Razor RipStik has several different name variations, which can be confusing to some people. Here’s a quick guide to those terms:
Ripstik is the brand name of the caster board made by Razor, the company famous for their line of scooters.
Ripstiks are also called: Ripsticks, Ripstick Caster Boards, Ripstik Skateboards, Ripstik Wave Boards, and Rip Sticks.



The RipStik is unlike any skateboard you’ve ever experienced! When you ride it, it feels like you’re on a surfboard, skateboard, longboard, and snowboard all wrapped in one.

In fact, the RipStick is not even technically a skateboard. The RipStik is actually a caster board, which implements caster wheels that can rotate 360 degrees.

Unlike a normal skateboard, you don’t need an initial kick push to start moving. Instead, you just twist back and forth, and the motion you generate by doing this is enough to get you moving. Cool, huh?

If you’re a new Ripstik owner or rider, check out our full guide on How To Ride A Ripstik, where we’ll teach you how to start riding a Ripstick Skateboard in 15 minutes or less.

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